Counting by Fours, Go Fish and Bingo


Today we started our class by counting by fours with 4th grade. We actually had to watch the video twice, because it’s really hard to get all your numbers right without practice – although we can all multiply by four in Russian, in English the numbers don’t come automatically.

For half the class it was just the right amount of challenging to make it fun, but for F. and D., paired with general Monday excitement, it was a bit over the edge, so they lost concentration in the middle of our second try.

Then we went on to play number bingo. I got the printables from ESLGamesBox. This set uses numbers 1 through 30 for the bingo cards and basic sums for the instructions (which lets you practice plus and minus).

I’ve been meaning to try bingo for a while now, and number bingo is a real classic, so I decided it was time to go for it. We played twice, the first round I read the sums, the second round F. volunteered, and with just a little bit of chuchotage he managed quite well (and it’s truly wonderful to see him truly excited and into the process). I love the listening practice this gives, and the simple practical necessity (your very own personal reason) to use your vocabulary

With 3rd grade we started off counting by threes. (They made my day by crying out “It’s a crazy horse! It’s a crazy horse!”). Then we did the 10 to 100 number word search.

Friday I thought I’d simplify it a little for them by printing out copies that have arrows on them to indicate the direction of each word, but then I decided not to: it would ruin such a great natural communicative cause.

We haven’t done word searches in a while, and I really liked the way this one went. The kids have gotten much better at understanding my hints and directions and asking questions. With half the group I don’t even have to gesture any longer when saying “down” or “across”, and some even said things like “Where’s thirty?” (woot-woot!).

Then we played a round of Go Fish.

(Pictures by N.)


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